Things That Are Funny That Probably Shouldn't Be

  • When my kids get hurt doing something I told them not to do (as long as they're not seriously hurt, of course)
  • That my 3-year-old is the perfect height to punch his dad in the if he could only do it on cue!
  • The way my 1-year-old can so efficiently aggravate his big brother
  • How impossible my husband finds caring for 2 children at the same time (**only funny if I won't be able to witness most of it**)
  • When my kids run away from their grandma until she bribes them with make your bed, you gotta lie in it!
  • When my kids repeat "colorful" phrases they've heard from their father and embarass him (not so funny when it's me getting embarassed)
  • The way my kids always pick the person-who-doesn't-really-like-kids to harass
  • Irritating my children to the point of tears by doing to them what they do to me


Anonymous said...

I'm also a HUGE fan of #1. And pretty much the rest of your list. Thanks for the laugh!

~Laura said...

I love #7. They do always seem to seek out the one anti-kid person and attack don't they?