Sickness and Doctors

Well, shortly after my last post I realized that The Sickness had also attacked me...I've spent the last few days in a snotty, headache-induced coma for which there was little relief. I'd like to think this might be the worst cold I will get this season, but with all the little disease-carriers running around the house I highly doubt it.

Today, I had to force myself to get dressed and actually brush my hair so I could be presentable enough to take my younger son to the doctor for his checkup. God, I hate how smug doctors can be when you are late on bringing your child in for a checkup/booster...even though THEY are the ones that overbook themselves in to oblivion and you have to make an appointment six years before your child is even born to get them in on time...

Anyways. So I got a little hell because my son was 2 months late for his one year checkup. It could be that I'm feeling a little bad about it anyways and so I'm being oversensitive about the treatment I got... I don't know. I *did* manage to make an appointment for both of my kids for their next checkups...3 months in advance and I still couldn't get them scheduled on a day/time that was actually convenient for me. I would either have had to get them separate appointments or take a day and time that weren't really that great for me. Can't win for losin'!

I sort of hate doctors. Maybe that's why I have to be in severe amounts of pain before I will see one...

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Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. When I brought my daughter in for her 18 month appointment I was asked why she missed her 15 month appointment. I completely forgot that there was a 15 month appointment. Whatever. She was healthy.