I used to love rainy days...

Ahh, I can still fondly remember it: sitting snuggled up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and a good book...I used to wish for rainy days. It used to be one of my favorite things about fall. Ohhh, how the times have changed.

Now, when I see a dreary overcast sky my palms start to sweat and my heart races a little faster. I pray that it will pass with no rain. Oh, God, just please let the ground stay dry... But, no. It rains. It pours. There is now no hope left in my heart that it might just be overcast. This will be a Rainy Day. Also known as Hide-yourself-in-the-office-and-barricade-the-door Day.

I can think of all sorts of fun things to entertain children indoors. Coloring, puzzles, storytime, and when all else fails, a movie. These things usually work for a period of time, but more often than not they don't last nearly long enough for my kids. This morning, it worked for about an hour. Since then, we've had fights at 15 minute intervals, my 3-year-old has overturned every piece of furniture he can lift at least once, and the little girl I babysit has become my very own (very unnecessary) personal announcement system ("JEN! You're cooking lunch!" "JEN! Jacob is crying." "JEN! It's raining" etc.).

This rainy day is definitely not the comforting, relaxing experience that rainy days once were. In fact, if you wanted a definition for "pandemonium" you might just glance through my front window for a prime example.

Naptime can not come soon enough today. I think I might need a valium.

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