What happened to naptime?

I don't know if it's the smaller amount of outdoor time the kids are getting or what, but they are starting an all-out war on naptime. And it's making me want to cry.

They will be so obviously tired and still they fight it. For instance, today my 15-month-old was falling asleep in his lunch, but as soon as I put him in his crib he was wide awake and screaming. I left him in his crib for quite a while, but he never gave up. He screamed and cried and carried on...and now he's quietly, sleepily sitting in my lap while I type this.

Then there's the 3-year-old...he starts telling me, "I'm AWAKE, Mommy!" as soon as he starts getting tired. Then he does everything he can to keep himself awake through the entirety of the "naptime movie," eventually getting bored of being on the couch and coming to ask if he can go outside. This wouldn't be so bad except he is a total JERK for the rest of the afternoon if he doesn't take a nap. Or he'll wait until four o'clock to fall I really want him to take a nap right before dinner/bedtime...

I miss my quiet 1-2 hour break while they surrender to their sleepiness!! What happened to naptime? Someone bring it back, PLEASE!!!!


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~Laura said...

That's the worst. Hang in there and leave them in the cribs. They'll eventually realize sleep is the only option.