Counting Blessings

This year hasn't been easy. There's always something to be worried about--something that isn't done, something that can't be fixed, something that can't be changed. As usual, I spend a good amount of time worrying. It can be difficult to remember the good things sometimes.

Lately, even though the worry is still there, an overwhelming sense of calm overrides it. Despite all the problems I have to deal with every day, there's one thing that is constant in my life.

I am blessed.

I am blessed to have a beautiful family.

I am blessed to have a loving husband who works hard to support our family, so I can stay home and help that family grow.

I am blessed to have siblings that help me remember my childhood (and sometimes, to help me pretend I'm still a child).

I am blessed by my aunt, who lets my children call her grandma and provides the comfort I sometimes need in the absence of my mother.

I am blessed by my grandmother, still healthy and full of life (and opinions...).

I am blessed to have a niece to spoil, since ALL THREE of my children are boys!

I am blessed by the roof over my head (even if it leaks sometimes).

I am blessed to be warm by a fire with wood provided by parents who love us.

I am blessed by the phone calls and text messages I get from friends and family every day (whether I manage to answer them or not).

I am blessed by my children's love, and by more hugs and kisses than I could count in a lifetime.

I am blessed to have good friends to talk to when I need to cry or to complain or to laugh.

I am blessed to live so near my family, and to always have help when I need it, whether it's a babysitter, a piece of advice, or help buying new tires for my car.

I am blessed. By these and so many other things. And for every time that I get frustrated, angry, or worried, I have ten blessings to remind me why life isn't really so bad.

No, nothing is easy. There is always something to worry about. But counting blessings is a lot more comforting.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope you're enjoying your blessings as much as I am enjoying mine.


AmandaRaeShelton said...

Love you! What a great post. It is easy to think about all the "bad" going on.... much more fun to think of the good.

Rudri said...

Very nice post. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

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