Six Word Fridays: Change

Sometimes we are afraid of it.
Usually we don't notice it happening.
It is fluid, like puddles forming
While rain streams from the sky.
It feels abrupt, sometimes, but isn't,
Because even those abrupt, altering moments
Don't immediately change who we are.
Change takes time--happens so slowly.
We are likely not to recognize
Ourselves from the changes we've incurred
But when we look back again,
Will we know how we've transformed?


Anonymous said...

oh that sneaky sneaky change. Like a child's height. You don't notice those little daily increments until one day they can reach in the top cupboard without a step. I think I prefer that kind of change to the more abrupt variety.

Ms. Monet said...

I am with Brook on the sudden versus gradual change, but I have learned that sudden changes can also bring huge insights and big rewards.

Great post!

Elle said...

It's so true that you don't always see change happening. Sometimes I feel at such a standstill. Then I look back and have that aha moment.

Rudri said...

Sometimes I wonder if change really leads to transformation or whether it is just a natural progression of a particular path that we chose to be on.

Great post!

The Exception said...

Sometimes we don't notice change... it sneaks in... and other times it seems that it is forced upon us though, I wonder, is that sudden change really gradual change we didn't see coming?

AmandaRaeShelton said...

I can't look back at my life and see exactly where i have changed. But i know it has happened. I think there are moments where decisions are made. They can be tiny decisions we think are completely inconsequential.... That end up changing our path in life in a huge way. If only i could see the future :-)

Anonymous said...

This is a very insightful poem. Good job.

Belinda Munoz said...

So true. I don't always feel myself changing, though I know I'm very different in many ways from how I was in my 20s.

Thoughtful post.

Melissa said...

I like those sneaking, gradual changes.
(Well, the beneficial ones, at least.)