Six Word Fridays: Perfection

a perfect life: a pipe dream.
life's a messy, seldom simple thing.
goals not completed, plans are misplaced--
still, there's perfection to savor, taste:

baby fingers and baby toes, wiggling;
soft kisses and your hand's caress;
knowing what's ours, is ours completely
whether it's perfect (or slightly not).

a perfect life? not for us.
but what we have is abundant.
abundance of perfections wrapped in complication.
perfect seems a little boring, comparatively.


TKW said...

Perfect lives lack imagination; just sayin'.

Melissa said...

Complications engender creativity. I'll take it.

Heather @ Alis Grave Nil said...

I like the idea of abundance in favor of perfection. Much more to appreciate than lament. :)

Heather said...

an enigma wrapped in a conundrum?
Battered, fried, in a tote bag?
Please, get the SNL reference? Please?

Rudri said...

Complications lead to progress (at least sometimes).

cj Schlottman said...

No perfect life for me either.
Where would we go from there?


Kelly said...

Love the mess and the abundance and the appreciation. Perfectly imperfect.