A return, a restart

I had such grand notions for this blog when I first created it. I planned out the kinds of things I was going to write about, I made layouts, and I was really excited. Then, when it came to actually starting it, as is my typical style, I quickly fizzled out. Over a year has passed, and after finally managing to remember my password, here I am again, staring at my potential. I'm ready to try this again.
I *was* going to delete my first two posts and pretend they never happened, but after re-reading them I decided I enjoyed them and they should stay. It's important in this whole re-defining myself struggle to recognize my shortcomings, right? So a big one is that I daydream about things, and sometimes even start them, but then never follow through. Here's to trying again.
My life has changed even more since the last time I wrote in this blog. Money is tighter, my jeans are (slightly) looser, and I've got one or two extra little ones running around on the weekdays. I've got a lot to uncover about myself still, and exactly how one balances being a full-time stay and home mom and a full-time, interesting, intelligent person at the same time. Can it be done? I think I've made a little headway in the last year, but there's still more to find out.
So, here's me pressing the "restart" button. Please close any programs that may be running...

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~Laura said...

Good for you! Don't give up and don't pretend like the rest never happened. It's all part of what got you to this place. Happy blogging!