Six Word Fridays: Fantasy

I'm curled up on the couch.
My husband offered to cook dinner!
The kids are playing quietly alone.
Bills are paid (all on time)!
Later, I'll read in the bath.
(And no one will interrupt me).


Anonymous said...

all I wished for was world peace- I didn't dare dream of something so far out of reach as this. :)
I can feel the relaxation on this page.

Tessa said...

YES! That seems somewhat do-able, yes? i hope so...for you AND me!

Rudri said...

Yes! Yes! Wish that fantasy was truth here too.

Elle said...

The perfect fantasy!

Melissa said...

I could go for that day.
(So glad to see you back!)

Anonymous said...

I think I want that everyday!

cj Schlottman said...

i could feel the stress drain away as i read this calming post.

great job..........cj