I was such a bum today it's not even funny.

I left the TV on ALL DAY.

My 1-year-old removed his pants 3 hours ago and he's still not wearing any.

I made scrambled eggs for dinner.

At least I took the time to put together puzzles with my older son and chased all the kids around the house a few times. That makes me feel a wee bit better, but not much.

I need winter to be over already :(

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~Laura said...

Hang in there. It's never easy fitting in. Ask any of our children and they'll tell you that. It sounds to me like you have a group of friends, witchy comments not withstanding. And that's a good thing. Pick those in that group that you like. That you want to talk and share with. Then, nurture those relationships. A friend, a true friend, should never make you feel badly about yourself. They are there only to lift you up, not bring you down. I think when you find that type of friend, there isn't going to be such a need to push yourself. :)