No pictures this time, but still plenty to be happy about.


Waking up really early because it's too hot to sleep and getting to watch the sun rise.


A few days of sunshine and warm weather to let my children play in the park. Watching my older son, who has always been afraid of water, run through the water pad at the park with reckless abandon, and instead of crying about water in his eyes, laughing and telling me how much fun he's having.


Finally taking our family dog, aptly named Chewie (as in Chewbacca from Star Wars), to the groomer and having him shaved. I'm pretty sure HE thinks that's !!!, also.


Getting visits from my Gram, my sister, and a good friend all in the same day--and all unexpectedly!


Getting my pond CLEAN and free of algae, even if it did mean donning rain boots and not-so-flattering clothing for an afternoon of scrubbing. It was totally worth the random stares of people who drove by my house to be able to enjoy the pond again.


My son requesting to buy and subsequently falling in love with The Last Unicorn. Husband thinks it's a little weird. *I* just fell in love with my son a little more ;)


Amanda, who is always there when I need someone to talk to, and is always willing to help me out without question. She and her family have come over several weekends in the last few months to help us get our yard ready for the wedding reception that will be here on Sunday. And she even offered to come help us the morning of the wedding! Best. Friend. EVER.

I was in dire need of some !!! this week; it's kind of stressful around here right now trying to get everything done before Sunday. Thanks to Bad Mommy Moments and Momalom for thinking of !!!


TKW said...

I am !!! at your wonderful friend. I wish I had one like that.

And I would love to see a picture of that shaved dog!

Corinne said...

I love your !!!'s :) They always seem to happen when you need them the most.

ck said...

Unexpected visits are so !!! And best friends? There aren't enough !!!s in the world to express how amazing and vitally important they are.

Rudri said...

Glad you are back. Wondering why you haven't posted, but now I know you were enjoying some !!! moments. Love the one about your friend. Go-to-Friends are the best.

Ginny Marie said...

We just got back from vacation, and my youngest daughter's !!! moment was getting in the shower with her sister. She used to hate showers, now she loves them! She must be a little like your older son.

AmandaRaeShelton said...

Awwww! I love you too! I am so glad we have been spending more time together. Only wish it could be more often. I know I have a true friend in you. many of my !!! moments are with you. :) <3