Claimed a space of my own for my crafting stuff. Long overdue and MUCH needed!!!


(re)built the train track just minutes before it started to pour (again)!!!

(and it was a good thing I took a picture because it's in pieces again already)


Bought myself a pretty new journal to write in...and it was only $3!!!

Those are tomatoes. Growing on MY tomato plant. It's like summer is on the way or something...!!!

Mud pies. I knew the rain was good for something.

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Anonymous said...

Mudpies are fun! I'm so jealous of your little tomatoes. I waited too long to plant this year; I'll have tomatoes at the end of August (if I'm lucky).

Corinne said...

I love your claimed space!

Sarah said...

Claimed space and mud pies? Truly truly !!!
Just be sure to keep them separate! :)

Thank you for this. I need as much !!! as I can get!


AmandaRaeShelton said...

I love it! Never saw you as a pink person, but I have to admit I am jealous. ;)

ck said...

!!! to new journals (I delight in new journals) and little, green tomatoes. I almost took photos of my tomato plants - that are miraculously still alive - this week too.

Thank you so much for linking up and !!!-ing with us!

Anonymous said...

How is that I've NEVER done mud pies with my son. You've inspired me. It's suppose to rain all weekend so I think I now have a date.

And what kind of crafting do you do? I craft too! I have a space, it is a wreck right now. Must reclaim like you!!

postmommy said...

I mostly do scrapbooking, but I also have supplies for some other crafts like knitting (which I have yet to actually try), quilting, cross stitching, and tole painting. I like to have just general crafty stuff around, for when I get an urge to create.

Rudri said...

I love the !!! journal. I am collector of those myself. I have some half filled, empty, and completely filled. They inspire me to write random thoughts. That journal and the claimed space is the perfect !!!

Justine said...

So THAT's what mud pies are. I never knew...And the claimed space? Amen to that. I hope to have one like that some day so my craft materials do not have to hide in boxes and get ignored.

alita said...

!!! journals or writing in NOTEBOOKS in general. Seriously it is the only way I write my poetry.

I love your !!!